I am no stranger to failures, I just never let them defeat me.

Late Master Jih-Chang

Meet Us

We are a group of young adults who strive to cultivate a positive mindset within ourselves and practice altruism.  By applying OMAK – Observing Merits, Appreciating Kindness, we become more aware of the kindness around us. Whether big or small, kindness can be found everywhere when we have the right tools to look for it! We have held Buddhism classes and student clubs throughout various universities in New York. 

At the Bliss Wisdom Foundation of America – New York center, we meet weekly to study Buddhism. In either Chinese or English, our study groups uses the commentary called “The Great Stages of the path to Enlightenment” a.k.a. Lamrim as our main reference of studies

We welcome friends from all religions and spiritual background. Our gatherings and activities promote health and happiness for our body and mind, interpersonal relationships, caring for the environment, spreading gratitude, and more! 

Some of our activities includes trees planting, beach cleaning, and forest restoration with NYC & Parks. We have served the homeless as well as volunteer at senior centers. Join us in our next adventure in caring for the environment, giving back to the community and spreading kindness!

Study Groups

Our weekly Lamrim Buddhist study group is based on The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. We foster a supportive and positive community focused on learning, contemplating, and practicing Buddhism. Through studying Buddhism texts and constructive discussions, we broaden our perspectives in understanding ourselves and the wider world. We inspire and motivate one another to reach spiritual goals and believe in the transformative power of mindfulness and altruism. Join us in exploring the vast wisdom and compassion of Buddhism! Study groups are available online and in person.