Buddhist Camp




Our exciting program provides a fun and engaging experience for our campers to learn about BuddhismParticipants will develop lifelong skills, cultivate meaningful relationships, and learn to practice mindfulness and compassion in their everyday lives.

Enjoy worry-free accommodations, delicious vegetarian meals, and engaging activities at our all-inclusive summer camp.


Campers will enjoy the courses in age-designated groups where interactive workshops and activities are tailored for them to enjoy the camp experience.

The Little Warriors group is for kids 8-12 years old. The programs will focus on interactive courses and activities for kids to learn in a fun and engaging way. Sample topics include:

  • Stories of Buddha
  • Songs & Dance
  • Kindness & Happiness
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Outdoor Group Games

The Rising Lotus group is for teens 13-17 years old. The programs will delve into topics for teens to learn to develop kindness and mindful habits in everyday life. Sample topics include:

  • Stories of Buddha and Karma
  • Conversations with Monks
  • Kindness and Gratitude
  • Cultivating Mindful Habits
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Outdoor Activities and Group Games

The Wisdom Seekers group is for youths 18-35 years old. The programs will allow college students and young professionals to practice kindness and develop virtuous habits in daily life. Sample topics include:

  • Conversation with the Monks
  • Power of Gratitude
  • Cultivating Mindful Habits
  • The Laws of Karma
  • Accepting Impermanence and Change
  • Outdoor Team Building Games

Starting 2024, Buddhist Camp also welcomes parents to participate in camp with their children. Classes will be conducted in Chinese with English translation. Sample topics include: 

  • Cultivating Good Parent-Child Relationships
  • Positive & Supportive Communication
  • Understanding your child’s emotional wellbeing

Though it is not necessary for your child to participate at camp, it will be a great opportunity to share this memorable experience with the entire family. 


Camp fee starting at $260. Register with a family member or friend! 

Group Discounts: 

  • Register 2 campers: 5% off for the 2nd camper
  • Register 3 campers and up: 10% off for the 3rd camper and up.

1 camper

Cost for 1 camper
$ 260 for the 1st camper
  • Total cost: $260

2 campers

5% off for the 2nd camper
$ 247 for the 2nd camper
  • Total cost: $507

3 campers

10% off for the 3rd camper
$ 234 for the 3rd camper
  • Total cost: $741

4 campers

10% for the 4th camper
$ 234 for the 4th camper
  • Total cost: $975

5 campers

10% for the 5th camper
$ 234 for the 5th camper
  • Total cost: $1,209

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Space is limited. We will give priority to those who can attend the full camp. But we encourage you to fill out the form first. If space is available we will contact you. 

Absolutely not. We welcome beliefs of all kind and those who are interested in getting to explore what Buddhism has to offer. Come join us and explore together!

You will receive an email confirmation for your registration, and a volunteer will reach out to you via phone or text to provide you with more details of how to prepare for camp as the date approaches. 

This event is organized by a non-profit organization, however, we still need funds to continue hosting events such as these. We often receive donations to cover most of the costs, however, we would still need to charge a in order to cover the rest of the operational cost.